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Building Code & Fire Consultancy

Our primary purpose as building surveyors is to ensure a building design meets the health, amenity and safety requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Our team have extensive familiarity with, and treatment of, the Building Act, Building Regulations and National Construction Code.

We ensure each project is assessed on its own merits and all avenues of compliance are explored. From project conception to completion, our team are always available to assist and provide not only transparent advice, but also in a timely manner.

Best engaged at the start of a project, our team can ensure significant cost savings are highlighted early in the process, and thus enable presentation of the building design to the best of its truest and practical form, before lodging council planning submissions.

Fire safety matters are reviewed with priority, knowing their significance with authorities such as Fire Rescue Victoria (formerly Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Country Fire Authority). We have a range of qualified and registered fire safety engineers at hand to assist with the assessment of performance based solutions.